Owner FAQ

Yes, we are licensed Realtors and property managers in the state of Nebraska.

We manage a wide-ranging portfolio of properties, including single-family homes, duplexes, conversions, townhomes, condos and apartment buildings.

We’ll send you a statement each month showing money in and money out. Every penny is accounted for. If you need more detailed statements, let’s work together to see how we can accommodate that.

No. We believe we should only get paid when you get paid. Our management fee is a percentage of the actual rent we collect. If we don’t collect rent, or the property is vacant, you don’t pay us.

Our goal is to have funds disbursed to you by the 25th each month. That may vary a bit depending on weekends and holidays, but we work hard to get your money in your hands as quickly as possible.

Yes – your owner draw will be electronically deposited into your bank account.

Tenant security deposits are held by the management company in a separate trust account.

Properties that show well and are priced appropriately should rent in 30 days or less. We will give you price recommendations as well as weekly activity feedback to ensure we minimize any vacancy time.

In-depth tenant screening is the foundation of a good property management experience. Our background screening includes a review of an applicant’s income and job history, credit, collections, criminal, and rental history.

No. Using Federal Fair Housing laws to guide us, you can trust us to minimize the selection of a poor quality tenant.

No. Although you’re not required to accept pets, you should know that roughly 70% of applicants will have an animal. By choosing not to accept pets, you’re reducing your prospective interest in the property. We recognize that pets never improve a property, which is why we utilize a third-party company to screen any prospective pets (yes, the pets have to be approved, too!)

No. There’s a chance this may change in the future, but right now under Nebraska law an applicant’s source of income is not considered a protected status.

No. As your legal agent, Performance Property Management will sign legal documents – like the lease agreement – on your behalf.

We perform an annual property inspection, usually mid-lease. We want to ensure the property is being well cared for, there are no lease violations, and to look for potential deferred maintenance issues before they become a problem.

We handle the entire rent collection process. Although it’s rare, if a tenant doesn’t pay rent, we handle the entire legal eviction process on your behalf.

We’ll handle all maintenance requests, including the calls that come in at 3am! We have one in-house maintenance employee, and we also work with reliable independent contractors who are equipped to handle a wide range of requests.

While a property is vacant, you’re welcome to do whatever make-ready work you feel is appropriate. When a tenant is living in the property, we’ll use our trusted vendors.

Yes. We will collect a $300 escrow reserve from you. This is YOUR money and it will be deposited into our bank’s trust account as the reserve for YOUR property. We will potentially use these funds to pay for expenses that may arise between the time we send you your rental income, and the time we collect the rent from the tenant the following month. But we will always maintain this $300 reserve as long as we manage your property. When we stop managing your property it will be paid out to you.

Yes. We offer sales services to our owner-clients and we can help you buy another rental, or sell your current investment property when the time is right.

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